How to bedraise

Guide to bedraising

1. Decide whether you are going to go it alone or create a team.

Some team ideas – sports team, church group, workplace, class, community group, group of friends, family

2. Choose your challenge or activity

Turn your party into a fundraiser. Organise a fundrasing page for your school or workplace. Hold a pyjama party. Invite friends for afternoon tea. Have a BBQ and ask people to donate. Ride your bike 63 kilometres and ask people to donate per kilometre. There's no limit to what you can do!

3. Register as a bedraiser, or start or join a team by clicking on the pillows on this page.

4. Set your goal. Make it high, to inspire your friends to help you.

5. Invite your team members – our online email invitation system makes it quick and easy.

6. Ask for gifts in lieu of Christmas gifts. Email everyone you know to ask them for support. They will get an automatic thank you, and an electronic tax receipt for their gift. Simple!


When can I bedraise?

Anytime you like! In today's hard economic climate more and more families are forced out of their home everyday. read more

Many more people are finding things difficult this year. This year the Salvos will assist more than 1 million Australians in need. We can't do it without you!

A helping hand

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